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view, this is the idea of what is taking place the last hour or so, and i can easily say that everything is going to stay in metro here, but it wouldn't be true. look up to romney, west virginia there, a couple of cells that signed up within the last hour. they're tracking to the east and to the southeast. that is not a guarantee they're going to hold together and get here. with the storms in the area, you have to at least say it is -- there is a potential of storms through the evening hours and there is that severe thunderstorm watchbox in place and that is going to basically be to the south of the met roll. it does include -- metro. it does include charles county and includes stafford county and spotsylvania county. that is, no doubt, the strongest of the storms where they're going to be and the likelihood they will be severe and will be well to the south of the metro. again, will the rain hold off for the fireworks in the mall and around the d.c. metro area? we'll revisit that and my full
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forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you, gary. meantime, people across the region are cleaning up from the violent storm that swept through the area last night and the most severe damage in arlington. trees fell over on cars and hopes and thousands without power. sherri ly has the latest tonight. >> reporter: the national weather service estimates the winds in arlington were between 60 and 70 miles an hour. powerful enough to take down 100ier ole trees like -- 100- year-old trees like this smashing cars and this is a sampling of the damage. the sound of chainsaws instead of fireworks hit the air before the 4th of july. >> and i saw the tops of trees being blown off. >> reporter: a tree pierced the robert's roof and smashed the jeep grand cherokee judgment my wish was left -- left our driveway here, otherwise she would have been dead also.
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>> reporter: the wind split open the white oak, one of the oldest in arlington crashing through their dining room, living room, and kitchen. >> and i was there doing the dishes and just 10 feet from where it eventually came down. >> reporter: and people thought it was the tornado. >> and my neighbor jerry on top of us, rushed down stairs. >> reporter: the violent wind and rain lasted some say minutes and some say secs. and this is not a tornado, but a macroburst, a downward bust of heavy wind that hit the ground and spread destruction 2 1/2 miles. >> you can see all of the trees standing over and just tossing over to some homes and you could hear them. it was a loud noise. >> reporter: a caravan spread out to assess the damage and to make repairs. the ground littered with power
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lines. >> we were climbing over the wires and that was a scary part and we were not sure what was alive and what was not. >> reporter: on rock spring street, the trees came down on both and trapping a couple in this car. they left a note for neighbors to call when it was clear. >> he said hurry and back up, you know, and let's get out of here. >> reporter: in many cases, seconds or feet made all the difference. and this is another home in the neighborhood where a tree is down, about 4,000 people in arlington, customers are without power tonight. we're told that some could have their power back tonight. the crews have been working all day and they'll be working all night to get the power restored to people and when you talk to people about how tough it is with this heat to deal without having the power, they say
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look, it's back and when we look at what happened, this is nothing. >> and to cap, no one was hurt. >> no, shape, no one here was hurt. as far as power concerns here, we're looking at 6:00 p.m. tonight for the majority of the 4,000 customers to get their power back and as far as the rest of those, dominion, virginia, expects to have the rest back online by tomorrow and keep your fingers crossed. the rest of the storms are coming in and hopefully they don't cause damage. >> thank you for the update tonight. if you're planning to head to the national mall for the big show, there are a few things you need to know. how you can get there, what you can bring and what you shouldn't try to brig. will thomas is live on the mall with the latest. >> reporter: the crowds are starting to build.
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if coming down, my recommendation, go for it. there is not a bad view on the national mall of the fireworks, but i can show you the best view. let's roll the videotape. that is the base of the washington monument facing the lincoln memorial. the fireworks are set off near the reflecting pool which happens to be under construction. let me remind you what you can't bring in past the security perimeter. no alcohol, nothing that would be considered a weapon like knives, i think the rest is obvious. and they're also asking that you don't bring tents, although i am seeing some erected here. we're not sure if they're going to let them stay up through the fireworks and this is that sample of the folks who came early to review the fireworks beginning at 9:10 tonight j. we're hearing about the fireworks on the mall and thought it would be a great place to spend the 4th of july. >> eating well, my son takes us out to some great restaurants -- . >> and you're helping the
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economy? >> absolutely,. >> reporter: independence day is good for the economy, for sure and let me tell you, there are entrance points around the national mall. we passed through an hour ago and it was a breeze. bakely, they take a stick and poke through the bag and make sure you don't have anything in there look a bottle of chablis and encouraging you to bring water. bring what you want in regards to water and gatorade, something to stay hydrated. it's awfully hot out here. if you don't want to lug yet yourself, stay on the metro. you can buy it. there are stands within the security perimeter to buy water, things to stay hydrated and let me touch upon metro quickly. that is your best bet to get down here. metro is telling us the smithsonian station will be closed through the fireworks and that is going to reopen for you to get home tonight but closed secure security reasons. the weather is dicey tonight once again this year issue the same thing. any plans in place, i know, in years past when we had big storms on the mall, they opened
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up all the local government buildings for people to get out of the rain and the potential lightning down there. any talk of that yet? >> reporter: no talk of that. there are contingency plans. last night around the staging area, they did evacuate the mall because of the thunder and lightning and right now, there is no talk about the possibility of evacuating the mall tonight and again, as we know, the summer weather can change in an instant and we have to keep our eyes and ears on the weather team, brian. >> all right, will thomas tonight. and an all-american celebration this morning at the annual parade. the streets show full of singers and bands. the park will have its own fireworks display. back to the mall now, the security will be tighter-than-
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usual tonight. the police are on horseback, bicycles, on foot and plain clothes, working to make sure everything stays -- goes smoothly for the celebration. paul wagner is there and are police ready for this? >> reporter: no doubt, shawn. you will see it in just a second. ever since 9/11, security here on the mall to the capital 4th has been tight and ever since osama bin laden was killed, it's gone up more and from the capitol to the lincoln memorial, the area is saturated police officers and metro buses are being used to block off the side streets leaving to the mall and in some places, you have to go through a security checkpoint. in the weeks after 9/11, the police officers adopted a saying they like to repeat over and over. if you see something, say something and that is as simple
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as keeping your eyes open and reporting the things that don't seem right. since early this morning, the police officers have been doing just that. on the streets leading to the mall on the mall, around the capitol and all themon owls, it's difficult to look anywhere and not see an officer in uniform and then, there are the things you don't see. >> and we can tell you that it has to do with technology and plain clothes officers and a combination of how we're using all sorts of information coming in to a variety of command posts monitoring the crowd and the situation. >> reporter: and shawn, chief chambers told me at 2:00 this afternoon that the metro ridership numbers told officials that there were more people here on the mall at 2:00 this afternoon than there were for the 4th of july last year. >> wow. and we know we're going to stay on top of that. thank you. tens of thousands of people flock to the national mall for the fireworks and president obama is enjoying his own 4th
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of july celebration at the white house and the president and first lady are hosting solars and their families at a barb -- soldiers and their families at a barbeque. a florida mother's fate at the hands of the jury and some say what happened in court today might be the deciding factor in this case. >> and more trouble for the former imf case tonight. as the case against him starts to unravel, he could face a new rouof sexual assault allegations. the latest is next. keep it here, fox 5 news at five is coming back. 
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>> one death is being blamed on last night's severe weather. a falling tree killed a man as he was riding his bicycle. it happened near mile marker 33. that's right, the man was identified as neil of forest hills, new york. he was here on a two-day beak trip with a companion. >> another holiday weekend tragedy, a little boy drowned at sandy state park in annapolis. investigators say the six-year- old fell into the marina at 8 this morning and rushed to the hospital where he later died. the department of natural resources strongly encourages people to only swim in areas where lifeguards are on doughty. a strength error error writer will file a legal complaint accusing dominique strauss-kahn of raping her in 2002. the woman said the former head
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of the international monetary fund attacked her when she introduced him in paris. she has discussed the incident publicly and strauss-kahn is charged for sexual assault against a manhattan maid. the charges have not been dropped. after six weeks of tears and testimony, casey anthony's fate is in the hands of the jury. prosecutors finish the closing alls earlier saying that events claim that she drowned in the family pool makes no sense. >> reporter: casey anthony's life is in the hands of the jury. the prosecution got the final word. the state gave the rebuttal closing argument on monday, the last chance to prove that casey murdered her own child. the prosecutors zeroed in on her life. >> and this is nothing wrong with casey anthony that can't be spained using two words: patho logical liar. >> reporter: the prosecution
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showed one last time to show that casey was never a grieving mother struggling with the accidental crowning of her child. the prosecutors played a phone call she made from jail to her parent's home while caylee was missing. >> i'm not sitting here crying every two seconds because i have to stay composed to talk to the detectives and make other phone calls and do other things. i can't sit here and be crying every two segs like i want to. >> reporter: hoping to unravel the drowning theory further, the pros cog didn't miss the chance to replay for jurors the emotionally raw 911 call placed by cindy anthony. >> i can't find my granddaughter. she's been trying to find her herself. there is something wrong. i found my daughter's car today and -- there it smelled like a dead body in the car. >> reporter: jose baez told jurors lies are how the agony family operate and they knew
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where she was. they knew where she was and that were out there searching. what do you think the odds are that they would search at the same exact spot where she would be found a month later? >> reporter: monday, casey sat mostly stone faced and shook her head at the prosecution a few types. the state ended the rebuttal, showing casey's bella vida, beautiful life tattoo that casey got while caylee was missing. in tonight's health alert, summer weather can be the perfect time to spend more time outside. can you -- whether you're attending the parador doing yard work, heatstroke can sneak up on you and aing if at howard university's hospital is here with some of the signs and ways to prevent hot stroke. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, shawn. >> what is hot stroke and what signs should we look for? >> heatstroke is one of the
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heat-related illnesses that rels to your body's inability to cope with heat. you're either getting too much heat and not able to let it out. some of the symptoms you look for is being very, very hot. individuals have a temperature of 104 to 106 degrees and can have headaches, nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and muscle pain. one of the main things is having a neurologic problem. either being unconscious, acting bizarre and being irritable or having the shakes. >> is there a certain group of people who are more at wreck, you know, like the elderly. who is at risk of this? absolutely. the very ole. people over 65 years old, people who are very young, infants and which were, people with chronic medical conditions and illnesses. alcoholics, people, and people who are on certain medications like allergy medications, hypertension medicines like beta blockers are people at high ridiculous. >> and if you start to feel the
5:18 pm
symptoms coming on, or seeing someone, you're with someone who has the symptoms what, should you do? >> the first think this, cool the person and if you -- you're concerned about heatstroke, you need to dial 911. before the ambulance, you can start cooling the person. take any tight keithing off, take any un-- clothing off. take any unnecessary clothing off and wet the body and use a fan to cool the person. the arms and the groin area. >> we talked about the things to help before emergency attention arrives and what can we do to prevent it? pay tag. -- pay attention to your -- if the heat index is above 90, you're at a higher ridiculous of a heatstroke. if you're going to be outside, hydrate young. dripping about eightouses of water every 30 minutes if you're going to be outside during the heat and if you're
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going to do any physical activity, plan to do it before 10:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. and that is all good advice. a lot of folks are going to be on the mall and they're being encooled to stay hydrated, thank you, doctor, for coming in. >> thank you. >> the humidity kicked it up a few notches the last few days. >> oh, yeah. gary mcgrady, is the humidity going to stick around? >> and it's july 4th. there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms and this is the way it is. and that is almost like climatology around here, what is the usual pattern and we start with radar and let me show you where the showers and thunderstorms are and where they're not. there is nothing for d.c. the mall is fine and out 66 and some rain is still, there not really thunderstorms and may be a thunderstorm in the yellow between port royal and culpeper
5:20 pm
and there are more tomorrows -- storms to the north and west coming our way and so, we all want to know what is the fireworks forecast for this evening, i think i am going to have to keep's chance of a shower or thunderstorm possible. ing than, that very, very muggy out there and continues to be warm. the temperatures will cool into the lower 80s by 9, 10:00 or so and the temperatures are not bad and again, a chance of showers and thunderstorms. if you're headed out, take your smartphones and keep the smart a park p on there and see whether or not you will have the storms coming your way and if that is going to be dry for whatever festivities you're doing, somewhere else other than the mall for fireworks and the mall, too and that is the best we can do right now. >> all right, gary. first, bp's gulf oil disaster and now this.
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crews are canvassing the yellowstone river after an oil pipeline ruptured. the latest as exxon assesses the damage next. and what does it take to pull more than 150,000 pounds of steel. looks at one man's record- setting mission. next. [ mr. clopper ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does... good morning chickens!
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>> developing in montana tonight, federal and state workers trying to assess the environmental damage from an oil spill in the yellowstone receiver. a 12-inch -- river. a 12-inch pipeline ruptured on saturday sending oil as far as 40 miles down river. mary ann rapheerty has the story. >> reporter: cleanup crews are trying to capture 42,000 gallons of crude oil from montana's yellowstone river. the dwell-inch pipeline ruptured saturday near laurel. the company president said the operations were shut down within six minutes of the spill. >> and we do not know the cause
5:25 pm
of the incident. the team has been formed and they're working diligently to try to determine that. that, at this time, we don't know the root cause. >> reporter: they're spreading the oil over a large area and that is making yet harder to clone up. >> and that line itself was shut down as quickly as week and we proceeded to close others look the lines and to isolate as much individual segments as we could. >> reporter: most of the soiled areas within five to 10 miles of the spill. she races goats there. >> doesn't look look we're going to be able to use yet. there is oil all over the top search. >> a spokeswoman for the e.p.a. said the staff spotted oil 40 miles downstream and other reports as far as $100 miles away. in new york -- at 100 miles away. a fox 5 consumer alert tonight. a fast food giant is going green leave seas. mcdonald's in the united arab
5:26 pm
emirates is planning to power the trucks with leftovers from the fast food cooking process and hopes to lower its carbon footprint by having the vegetable oil do double duty. nutri foods has a deal to convert it into biodiesel and they plan to produce fuel to burn 50% cleaner than the average diesel. family heartache and loss brought them together. tonight, an unlikely pair tie the knot. what sets this wedding a part when fox 5 news continues. what does scouting anding can have in common? turns out a lot. i'm jennifer davis on capitol hill. the story is coming up.
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>> this 4th of july will be one to remember for the sweet and balmer children of bowie, maryland. it's wedding day for their mom and dad and a day that brings together two families torn a
5:30 pm
part by war. bob barnard has more. >> reporter: in nearly 10 years of war in afghanistan and in iraq, more than 6100 u.s. service men and women lost their lives. multiply that countless times by the loved ones they leave behind. now a love story lending two of those families rising from the ashes of heartbreaking sadness. beneath the towering air force memorial overlooking the nation's capitol, on board the bus, appears a white stretch limo and in it, two families discard by war. >> chris picked the 4th. he tells me i'm his 4th of july. he picked the 4th and the location. >> i'm charming that way. >> yes, he is. >> reporter: it's the wedding of air force master sergeant chris and his bride danielle. in attendance, her two and his three which were.
5:31 pm
this -- and three children. >> it's not just about danielle and i coming together, but two families coming together. we have been through amazing tragedy. >> reporter: in danielle's bouquet of flowers, two photographs of spouses they lost in war. >> this is another way for me to have them with me and be a part of the day. >> reporter: air force technical sergeant ryan balmer was killed in iraq four years ago and he was 33. >> it was difficult and very, very scary to have to think about moving forward with it just being the three of us and me trying to figure out how to be a mom and a dad. >> reporter: 30-year-old jessica sweet also an air force technical sergeant died from leukemia two years ago, exposed to toxic smoke and burn pits in afghanistan. >> i'm very happy, very happy. this is part of a new life for me, rebirth after losing my wife. >> reporter: chris and danielle first met more than two years ago at a program for families of service members killed in
5:32 pm
iraq and afghanistan. >> we tell our kids they have a mom and dad in heaven and on earth. >> chris' mom and dad flew in from ohio to attend the ceremony. >> they have both been through so much and for them now to have found one another and have the opportunity to go on liveing, we couldn't be happier for both of them. i am so happy. so unbelievably happy and overwhelmed. >> in the end, we're happy. we found each other and our families are together as one and it was important that we do it here so that ryan and jessica can be a part of the ceremony as well. they remain a big part of our family. >> reporter: chris and danielle will be taking in the fireworks tonight, spending their first night as husband and wife in the city with a rooftop dinner. the kids will be home in bowie with chris' parents, their new life as one family just
5:33 pm
beginning. >> you know a big baby, was crying. what an incredible story, for them to find their way and meet each other at an event like that. >> it was in dallas, i believe. they're a great couple and wonderful family. ages 4-11. thanks, bob. a very short holiday for the senate, back to work tomorrow to keep hollering at the debt debate. president obama believe its that there needs to be some revenue incomes that may include certain taxes. republicans say they flat out will not vote to raise the debt ceiling if there are provisions for added tax. and there is some talk of revising the tax code to maim make yet simpler and cutting out deducts for businesses. turns out members of congress may have gotten the call to disturb the country long ago. for some, the patriotic drive came to joining the scouts. as jennifer davis spains -- explains, you might be surprised how many one-time boy scouts grew up to be federal
5:34 pm
leaders. >> what is our cub scout motto? >> reporter: virginia cub scouts mixes fun and learning. >> teaches you to have a good -- >> these will ones say when they grow up, they would like to be engineers, lawyers and inventitors. >> what do you want to invent? >> a flying car. >> but politics? you have any desire to be a politician? no. >> the most senior person in the senate was not focused on politics when he was in boy scout. earning bams from everything, he has many scouting mementos hagging in his senate office. >> reporter: believe that scouting brings about a degree of maturity, maybe a heightening of ambition. i am very proud to have been a boy scout. >> reporter: he's said to be one of 31 eagle scouts new
5:35 pm
members of the 121 congress. of the more than 500 makers here, a staggering 20 sof them have a connect to scouting. >> reporter: pete sessions said the lessons he, his father and two sons learned as boy scouts and eagle scouts created a great basis for a future lawmaker. >> scouting builds what is in us. >> reporter: ohio's brown met astronaut john glenn has an eagle scout and 40 years later when he, too, became a member of the senate. >> and that is a good tradition in our country, endured for 100 years and because it teaches discipline and is about service. >> reporter: georgia's sanford bishop said being an eagle scout not only inspired him to go into public service but earned him votes, too. i was in a district that had a large number of non-african- americans. one of the members came up to me after the speech and said if you were an eagle scout, you
5:36 pm
had to be a good man and that is why i voted for you. >> reporter: given the road connecting scouting and congress, it makes you wonder if any of these young scouts will one day trade in the scouting motto for the oath of office. >> i deal my best to do my duty to god and my country to help other people and all. >> to keep myself physical strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. >> reporter: on capitol hill, jennifer davis, fox news. and he is just days away from the world premiere of the final harry potter movie. tonight, daniel radclifffe is calls it quits.  -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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take a look at this. it was man versus airplane at an air show in michigan. mark kersch pulled this plane 120 feet by him and that was
5:40 pm
not a first time and it's a 205,000-pound boeing 767 and that happened in 2008. coming up next, kersch is prepareing to full a c-131 aircraft. and your backyard barbeque will have -- would have been different had this guy shown up. it adds to the misery. joey chest nut scored his fifth copsec television 4th of july, nathan's hot dog-eating contest on coney island. he scarfed down 62 dogs with buns in 10 minutes and that is not his personal best but beat the second place guy by 9 and sonia thomas put down 40 hot dogs. >> that is interesting, the first time they had a male and female and had just females by themselves.
5:41 pm
>> look at that crowd. >> can you imagine? the people winning that? they're tiny people. 40 hot dogs. she's like 115 pounds or something like that. and what jeff happened to kobayashi. who is the shelf life for a competitive eater? >> you know what happened the last time. and make like football players. >> we'll have to find out. >> the things you ask. >> and -- last night's strong storms move on. >> and how the the workweek shape up? the full forecast is next. 
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5:44 pm
>> if you're keeping track and some are, today is the 149th day of the -- 114th day of the nfl lockout and the nba is in the first week of their work stoppage. and which can survive a
5:45 pm
prolonged lockout? dave has more on that. >> reporter: you never know what wisdom martin is going to do and we'll go in deeper. what better way than with a debate and we'll do that now in this week's e dig of off the wall. >> welcome, again, to off the wall and you back. you have been gone a long time. >> and that is feels look a year. >> and i have a big question for you. >> okay. >> andy is you're gone, the nfl lockout. and now, another lockout. >> yes. >> and i ask you, sir, which what is the biggest concern? which league can deal with the lockout. >> the nfl will be okay. that is a brand into itself. >> yes, it is. like me on this this show. >> right.
5:46 pm
when it comes back, people will come back. the nba, on the other hand, is a different ball game. nobody will miss it until january, february, march, they're at their heat right now. >> right job, and the whole lebron, hating -- hating lebron. >> the great play-offs. and everything is great. they're where they were in jord abwas in his prime and have to figure this out and for the teams to complain about losing money j. yeah. >> and that is rick to me. you have the wisdom files. >> losing money. >> and i -- >> $18 million. >> andre red in. >> gilbert arenas, we know about that. you ming. -- yao ming. stop giving it to the guys who can't play. >> that were old contracts j. and doesn't matter. >> seems like five, six years ago. >> dump them. >> and that is whnd. >> , even though your notes are
5:47 pm
ridiculous, i agree with you. the nba can not afford to have a fur louping lockout where the nfl -- furlong lockout where the nflca can and we'll talk about future. and about football. >> wisdom, before we go. >> really. >> do you work out? of course i die. >> do you plank, my friend? >> and you're getting too personal here. >> good luck, apparently. blanking is all the rage. >> okay. >> and what is he doing? >> i have no idea and i don't understand and have some free time on their hands in orlando. >> and working on their jump shots instead of plank. do you like that? >> and that is okay. it's humorous. >> yeah. >> and i hope you were going to plank at the bank and that is
5:48 pm
where you need to store the money. >> and i double blank dare you. planning away, baby. >> and there is notice way this is going to be like that. >> and. shawn, you're right. he didn't plank. no truth that i can't confirm or deny that he will planning next week and we'll find that out and the news at 6:00 and he's been promoted. i will tell but that at 6 and wisdom clearly, you know, went down -- . >> and did he not? yeah. >> i'm not planning either. >> why not? and i know my limiting as and that is one of highway patrol j. really? why can't do you it? >> reporter: plank every night, you know, midnight. >> after the show job, and
5:49 pm
you're chicken. >> watch next week and. >> all right. let's get to what everyone wants to know tonight. i asked gary to park and he said no, he didn't have sock -- to plank and he said no. he didn't have his socks on. >> i know. >> and that is a weird thing about me. >> now we know and we can planning. >> yeah. and this is what is going o. it's mile and warm and muggy, too and we do have some showers to the west of us and basically we're going to have to watch the showers and thunderstorms and the watch where there is a likelihood of something severe is to the south of us and let's show you where the storms are and not and this is that area of concern and as that continues to move to the east-
5:50 pm
southeast, a will more, and i have to keep the storms in the forecast around fireworks time and there is some more activity, too and it's unstable here and drifts in our directions and wouldn't be a strong storm more anything. could bring one at 9 collector so and that strop stuff is around 64 and to the south of us. i'm not worried about anything severe or strong like last night and with that shower or thunderstorm, that is not out of the realm of possible and we're in d.c. here, charles county and september mary's county, spotsylvania and stafford county to the south of us, orange county, too and that is where the possible severe weather will be tonight and this evening and tonight. and 6:00 tonight, this is
5:51 pm
future cast and that is show youing the activity well and is picking up on some of what is happening to the northwest, too and into position for you until 9:00, look what happens and that is around the fireworks time and some showers are close to i-95 and to 66. gain w this information, you have to leave at least a chance of a shower or stom and that is foreign. it's 7:00 and some scattered thunderstorms, most to the metro and 9:00 around fireworks time, a storm is possible and that shower. if you were with us last week, we were talking about the july 4th forecast and that is about
5:52 pm
where that front will be. this is to the south of the city and is hip up between d.c. and richmond and look at the waves of showers and thunderstorms and that strong stuff is to the south and there is a lot of severe activity down there and some evening scattered thunderstorms, drier after 11:00 and that temperature is in town. mild tomorrow morning, 73, clouds and mostly sunny by noon. and that spotty thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening and the scattered chance of a thunderstorm on wednesday and thursday and in the weekend, that is looking good and it does look like hot stuff comes back and that is returning eventually.
5:53 pm
some hot stuff. >> okay. >> thank you. and it's not quite resulting barefoot, but look. they're growing in popularity. doctors say the minimalist shoe forces your foot muscles to work harder. and homore. >> reporter: it's the footware that motorcycles you wonder is it a shoe? a glove? a slipper and why are people wearing them? >> and you start walking with them, you'll understand. i think i will get a wow factor out of you. >> it does feel good. >> wow is right. it's not because of how it feels or looks, but the minimalist shoe that fits like a glove. italian made vibrance, five- finger shoe and goody too shoes in northville, they're the hot, albeit new trip. >> and i like to tell them when they come in, they ask me why does the shoe feel good? what is it doing?
5:54 pm
nothing, it's how you were born. what started with bare foot runners will spread. he opens uptown body fitness and her feet fell in love. >> and i know it was crazy. i had a client who came in and i thought she has water shoes, you can't part with them. i love them, they're a good grip. >> you will see her strut her stuff in another barefoot shoe. i love my shoes. i love them. >> why? >> i love to be bare foot inside all the time and outside it's yucky and they feel like being barefoot and you have something on the bottom. >> reporter: and the foot doctor love them? dr. john miller tells me they're best for those who are at least somewhat athletic with muscle strength because they do force your feet to work. >> and we're all used to walking around in shoes that ask our feet to do certain
5:55 pm
things and give our fight a break. the other shoes, the five- fingers are the barefoot tone shoe and require them to work harder. >> reporter: they give us so much restriction and support. casting our feet and making them lazy. >> if you can get all the tiny joints and muscles working and blood circulating, it can benefit the whole body. >> the feet are optimal or if the feet are functioning efficiently, the rest of the joint and body should be, you know, appreciate that. >> coming up in minutes on the news edge at 6, a smalltown police force is using technology to fight crime. how they're doing it and saving money. that is the key. and see that big pile? that is more than 5,000 founds of illegal fireworks confiscated by the nypd. they destroyed that pile by setting it on fire. it was a show. and you will see it. and americans across the globe are celebrating
5:56 pm
independence day. those in london did it with the unveiling of a new ronald reagan statue. we'll take you there. that and more at 6. t
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
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>> a surprising ode mission from harry potter star daniel radcliff. he is done with drinking. he won't hit the hard stuff to celebrate. he's 21 and said his drinking got out of control while filming the sixth movie in the series and is now calling it quits. thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts now. right off the top, tips of thousands of people are making their way to the national mall to help celebrate our country's independence. there are things you need to know. will thomas is live on the

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